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Real Leaf at The Bronx Beer Hall

My sister invited me to participate in this event, and I knew I wouldn’t have the time to prepare anything, let alone know if I was even going to show up. I was at a BBQ when she texted me that she was on her way. I was only 15 minutes away so I figured why not. Her cousin Raniel was curating a night of live poetry, spoken word and live art. This Bronx art exhibition was being held at The Bronx Beer Hall. A market on Arthur Avenue. I’ve been there once and they’re pretty known for their draft beer on tap. Guess what was ordered?

The spoke word was pretty nice, a poet by James was probably my favorite, his style seemed more relate-able and more relaxed then the others. It was a quiet and chill night, and Dari, another of Jula’s cousin’s who is a graffiti enthusiast, passed me some canvases to hit. I was ready to walk out the door and head home. I figured another 5 minutes wouldn’t hurt. Maybe next time, I’ll be the one up getting shined on. Until then, maybe I should start small and actually start picking up a brush here and then.love, minxinx

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Raulin and Racoons

It’s no surprise that Hispanics love their music. Mami messaged me, that not only Yenny was sleeping over, there was a free salsa concert going on, right in the neighborhood. I was actually a little stunned since I’ve never seen one take place deep in the boondocks where she lives. I said I would meet them after work non the less.

Raulin Rosendo is a Dominican salsa singer, he’s pretty known for songs like, Lady Laura, Uno Se Cura and Que a voy Hacer.I’ll be honest, I know close to nothing about celebrities, their names and what they look like. And that goes for both Spanish and English speaking celebrities. I could care less. However, once that song plays, I’ll know exactly who they are. It’s all about the music baby. As soon as I arrived at the park and heard the tunes, it was undeniable and I started to sing right away. 

The family was all set up with chairs, and let me tell you, my Abuela was looking beautiful. She was smiling and clapping her hands to the rhythm. Adorable.

After the concert it was time to get some grub, we waited for Kiki to get gome drom work so we can head out.  Surprisingly we were all there. Usually one of the siblings are missing (there is five of us). You know, life, bills, plans and what not. We showed up to Seafood City in City Island, I’ve been here once and had a great time. I always go to Tony’s Pier, you know, the one all the way to end and to the right, like almost every single person I know describes it. 

We order about 3 combos so we can all split, since most of us weren’t even hungry in the first place. Good thing too, because waiting for the food to be ready took 40 minutes! Yeah, we were hungry and pretty inpatient by then. And we both know I don’t even have to tell you that my brother a Luis was the first one at the bar, his henny colada was pretty strong. I took a sip and woke right up!

I wasn’t drinking, I ordered myself a fruit punch and decided to go in on some mozzarella sticks instead. I’ve been trying to slow down on alcohol. I find that I still manage to have a great time with or without so why do it excessively? 

We’re dining in the back of the restaurant, outdoors where the view shines with all the lights that New York City for our visitors to see. Until something else catches our eyes. We see a racoon about 30 feet away digging in the trash. We all feast our eyes on the odd sight, until we noticed there’s  two of them. They’re both tag teaming on this trash bin trying to look for food. But wait, I’m not done,  two skunks join the party. I have never seen a real skunk in my life,  the only skunk I’ve ever known is Pepe Le’ Peu. Jeremy is off repeating himself that it’s not funny, that one time are school there was a skunk and the smell was horrible, and that we didn’t want to get this one angry and all this other other stuff. While Luis and Alexis got a little closer like the daredevils they are to go try and take a selfie. We were all cracking up, except for Jula who kept screaming, oh my god, oh my God, oh my God, oh yeah God. Yet, she starts throwing fries at them.

Behind us, a woman just falls straight down to the ground, and we don’t know if she’s drunk or if she’s sick, so we try not to laugh. Some staff come over to assist her getting up, and she’s busy leaning over the table and can’t get her equilibrium right.

Two disasters, and we don’t know where to look. We kept breaking our necks to look at the ladies, and then to make sure the Racoons and skunks weren’t too close. I was still munching on my shrimps though.

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Family: Boarding the Infinity

Let me just start with we had every intention on bringing my cousin Yenny and my Abuela Lidia with us. I was actually pretty bummed out that they couldn’t join us. They would have loved tonight. The music, the view. The experience. But I guess it’s not up to me to always show people a good time, even though I’m pretty damn good at it.
Let’s start at the beginning. Like I mentioned in my previous post (if you follow along) the girls were supposed to take Yenny to the Dominican Parade. We haven’t been since Jasmine passed away, it to wouldn’t be the same. Since Yenny was here for her visit, we figured now was the time if ever. Since the parade was early  I’d figured wake up early, hit Fifth Avenue with the ladies, get back home by 2pm and start getting ready for the boat ride. I would be exhausted, but I can accomplish anything. Yeah, that plan did not end up happening at all. I woke up at 10am to only find out the girls had overslept and were hungover.  What are you going to do?

Oh well, I had a yellow dress to throw on, and Chris threw on some nice ass boat shoes. I think we looked pretty good if I say so myself. I knew I was going to be dancing up a storm, and I didn’t want this Dominican do to get all crazy, so a bunch it was. Alex Bueno, Luis Vargas, J’Martin and Max Banda were performing, it was going to great, and that it was.  I love spanish music and I was ready to dance.Super Vip was packed, I mean packed. Unlimited food and drinks seemed like a tease when hot baby drinks are being served to you. The guys ended up splurging at the bar anyway, buckets after buckets, and shots all around. Yeah, someone were feeling it more than others.  I on the other hand was having a blast with the music, and dancing. My dad was loving it too. He’s a hit!

While outside, enjoying the view it started to drizzle a bit, it didn’t last long and the breeze felt amazing. Spending time and making memories with my family was even better. I hope we start having more great nights like this.

love, m

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New Art Work: Me, Myself & I

Only person in control of my happiness, is me. I’ve been on this path of good vibes, I’ve been more patient, teaching myself new things, and I can see myself growing.

I have got to say, lately things have been looking good for me, and I don’t know if it’s because change of attitude, or maybe the universe is  finally telling me that I deserve some positivism. I feel blessed, and I’m so excited to see what life has i store for me. I am no where near perfect, and I have many flaws, but I’m working on them.  . I’ve learned how I react and handle situations, controls what outcomes lead my way. Things are looking up.

My family bonds are  getting stronger, something I’ve always prayed for when younger. My circle of friends have become smaller, quality over quantity right? My love live  has it’s ups and downs, but who’s doesn’t it. I’m satisfied with who I have chosen as a partner, it’s all compromise and fighting through on some things. I have accepted a job offer that really excites me. I’ll be working my 9-5  at  an office I don’t regret coming to in the morning. The office vibes are positive , and everyone  just radiates faith and certitude. Plus, I get  to go to sleep at night, knowing I’m helping others.

So, in celebration of all this self discovery, I’ve finally picked up a stylus and finished this little graphic illustration I started some time ago, it came about at the perfect time.

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Yenny en NuevaYoooool

After the Barbecue with the fellas, yes, I had to leave early. I headed back to MY fella, to make my way towards Brooklyn. My grandmother and my cousin Yenny had just arrived in New York from the Dominican Republic, and we were all excited. Especially since this was Yenny’s first time here, first time anywhere, first time on a plane!

When they landed there was a big confession with what terminal they arrived in, and nobody had the chance to give them an actual welcome. My mother ended up paying parking three times, making her rounds and still nothing.My cousin Yenny has always been the one to take charge of things. Whenever I visit Santo Domingo, she’s the only one who makes it her mission to make sure I have a good time. You can see some of those stories HERE, HERE, or HERE. She is appreciated and always makes anything and everything fun. Her being in a strange place doesn’t change that personal trait a bit. When I walked into yet another BBQ, she was the first one I saw in her bright highlighter sneakers, which are way cute by the way, and ran to her immediately. Her hugs are one of  a kind.  She just kept screaming “¡Yenny en Nuevayooool!”

My abuela Lidia was there too, and she looked so cheerful. We eventually made her more cheerful when we invited her to take a shot with us. Haha.

Sasha and Lidia came up with games for all of us to play, and alot of it involved twerking. Titi Margaret was having too much fun recording us and pretty sure the guys enjoyed the view. Everyone kept drinking, and I’m always the one getting picked one because I pace myself.Their plan of going to the Dominican Parade sounded early compared to all the drinks they were having. It’s been 5 years since any of us have gone to parade on fifth Ave. Last time, was when out cousin Jasmine was alive. Non of us have returned since,it just wouldn’t feel the same. Since Yenny was in the building, I told myself I would join. Knowing I had plans that were cutting it close to the time I had to be out for the other ones. I knew I could do it, even if I was going to be exhausted. It was worth it.

I left a bit earlier than everyone else to catch up on sleep I know damn well I was going to be needing and left doing the cha-cha slide while Chris and I walked to the car. I finally cracked a smile out of him.

Check out a quick recap of our night:

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DC BBQ 2016

I told myself, this year I would get there on time. Last year, I arrived at our annual DC Barbecue super late. Almost all the food was gone, everyone was tired and already feeling tipsy.  I was just happy to see everyone, even if they were starting to pack up already.

This year, I must have been in a different time zone, because I arrived before anyone else did, or anything was even set up. Go me. One of our fellow writers from Canada was holding down the fort on this ridiculous 96 degree weather. The heat was no joke, we were sweating hard.I arrived with some burgers and some small essentials to contribute a bit, and J already had seasoned chicken on the grill. J came back with some bug spray from the store that was much needed. A part of me was glass I was wearing a long dress so my legs didn’t get bit, the other was regretting it because it was so hot.

Notoriously, black books and stickies were being passed around. Hearing” Bro,you got a sharpie?” was the regular. It’s been awhile since I’ve felt I’ve don’t anything creative. I can sit here and tell you how much I should and I would. But right now I just don’t have the time. It’s no excuse, it’s just my reality at the moment. Seeing everybody together is always such a blessing. We’ve all grown so much. I know we don’t necessarily get to see each other all the time. Some of have moved, have kids, jobs and priorities to report to. I miss my graffiti family so much, and many times I miss the lifestyle. The adrenaline, the smell of the paint. It’s a beautiful thing. Sometimes I tell myself I’ll go back, and yes,  maybe I’ll paint. But I can’t do all the things I used to do when I was younger. Not only am I old enough to get charged differently, I’m not as angry as I used to be. That was my rebellion. I had so much to prove, mostly to myself. But I know better now, even though the feeling of being in control and too of the world doesn’t compare. There’s no feeling like being on top of a roof, with a fresh piece right behind you. Walking away and knowing a piece of your soul, your artwork will be there for all to admire. 

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So, Who Won?

I won’t get into too much detail about today, since it’s not my party to brag about. Christopher’s colleagues were having a get together at a Mets VS Padres game. I actually had a great time meeting his coworkers and catching up with friends of his that I already knew. Just don’t ask me who won the game because I only had the chance to see for about 10 minutes when I snuck away to actually sit at my seat, and see one of the players pitch. I ended up getting reprimanded  for walking away from the group, boooo.Non the less, memories were made, free stuff was gathered and dancing was done. Night.love, m

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You Had to Be There

I met up with Nikki to have some girl time. She’s been going through stuff, and I needed to escape reality for a bit. I think we both needed this, badly. I bumped into an invite to Open House in Houston Street, and convinced Nik to meet me there. She was starving so we stopped by a dinner, where apparently her and the crew usually go to after a long night of dancing and drinking. She ordered the “disco fries” which were smothered in gravy, pretty good too might I add. Even though I wasn’t hungry, she convinced me to get something on the menu, and whenever I don’t know what to order, I always go with moralizer st

Open House was having an event , “You Had To Be There”. The objective was to  keep cell phones and cameras in your pocket and just enjoy yourself within the environment.  I thought that was some good incentive, but that didn’t stop others from clicking away anyway.  There was a girl who was sitting next to me, or I guess I should really say on top of me.  She insisted on sitting behind the actual seats, and in Indian style while at it. Her knee kept hitting me in the head, and I wasn’t too happy about 

I’ve been on a quest of “Decide to Be Kind”. Which point blank means, whenever you find yourself in a situation you don;t want to be in, or whenever you want to say something nasty to someone, you just say decide to be kind  instead. It’s been helping me stay more at ease with myself. It’s not always easy, but I think I’ve been doing pretty good.  I asked her if she could just be careful with her knee, and after the  third time she bumped into me. I felt myself just counting down and didn’t say anything at all…surprisingly.  She kinda got the hint and just stepped  down. Thank goodness. If I wasn’t on this Be Kind kick, I probably would have cursed her out. So hostile, I know.

After our drink, because that’s all we needed after being in there, it was undeniable that we needed something else than liquor to give us a boost of happiness. I took her to Il Labatorio del Gelato, probably my favorite gelato spot, at least for now.

Some time ago, I was on a date, and my fellow man friend, who is a big food enthusiast  introduced me, and I fell in love. With the gelato, not him!  We grabbed some samples,  not that it mattered much for me, because I always endup gettiing the same flavor, mascarpone. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but that that’s a cheese.. Trust me when I say, delicious!

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Back to Pizza Zoo

Pizza Zoo, oh, you’ve been fun. For those of you who don’t know what it is, picture a house party, with cool vibes, drinks, pizza and music blasting. It was amazing.

I haven’t seen MaryAnn in quite some time, you know, work and living our lives and all. So when  I saw that this event was happening again, I didn’t want to go with anyone else but her. I’ll admit, I’ve only been to one Pizza Zoo before, last year around April, and it’s no lie when they say, the company you keep makes it all worth while. I’m getting ready, pre-gaming with some wine, before Mary Ann pops up at my house. I’ve been hearing rumors about the rain, and I honestly wasn’t too worried about it. I was only hoping it would rain once I was already over there and not on my way. Dominicans answer their hair, am I right or am I right?  That didn’t stop the Twitter world though, suggestions from “we’ll just have a wet T-shirt contest!” were spiraling and I couldn’t help but laugh.I also noticed a lot of people were trying to find tickets at last minute, since all of the online tickets were sold out. I’m just glad I planned ahead. Hey, I’ve been carrying my printout ticket in my wallet for a week.

I was so excited. When we arrived it was everything I thought it would be and I was ready to dance. I’ve been to The Well, the space where the event was taking place, once before. It was nothing compared to the last. I was sitting at a bar in the quiet playing board games. This time, DJ was mixing it up and the outside area was getting filled up quickly. We ordered some Tiki punches and soaked it all in.I bumped into a lot of familiar faces, which was great. What was even better was all the positive vibes that was going around. Everyone was just trying to have a good time and you can tell by all the dancing, singing, drinking, mosh pits, and every being carrying around that was going on… that was happening.Pizza Zoo was supplying, you guessed it, pizza! Getting a slice was a little difficult though. I found myself next in front of the line around 3 times, and them running out each time. Hahhaa. . .no worries, that’s why you make friends. Kevin, a super cutie laughed at me, because apparently I was being too nice and didn’t want to tackle anyone, so I got a bite out of his. And later ended up getting me a slice as well. Thanks!

Everyone kept trying to get fed, and was pushing each other like crazy. It wasn’t that serious. It’s just a slice guys, we came here to dance anyway!

All I know is I had a great time, and consider me there for the next one!love, m

Ps. Check out the video below, a whole bunch of random clips thrown together. lol

If you want to keep up with the news, follow Pizza Zoo on Twitter @PizzaZooNYC

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Far A Way, Four-Oh-Eight

Meeting up with Randy is always fun. He mentioned he had some tickets to a game and I was down. We planned to meet up in front of The Hard Rock at the stadium, and once I got out of work I headed straight over there. I almost forgot how packed it gets on the train and on the exit of 161st when it’s game time. Since we were early we walked into Billy’s for a quick 2 beers.  I’ve been to Billy’s once  quite some ago, and I don’t remember it looking at great as it was. It looked like huge club, with one wall of  brick (which I loved), the rooftop was a nice touch, and was directly under the passing train, but since it was so damn hot, the last thing I wanted was for my beer to start melting. We stayed inside and rocked out to the beats while we caught up, exchanging war stories from the last time we hung out. (See that HERE).We walked inside, and I was having flash backs. I used to work at both the old stadium and the new one when I was younger. I used to sneak away from my stand and go watch the games. It was a pretty sweet gig as a teenager, and the tips were pretty damn great. The clean up, was not.We roamed the different floors before getting to our level. I ask him what are our seats, and he screams  over the loud music, “Far away!” I’m like … that’s not an issue, I like it that way, but what are the seats? He just stares at me, quietly with the look like “I just told you” Apparently he said 408, not far away….ooops.

 The view from our seats were great, at least the ones we sat on… a couple kinda of took over our assigned seats, but we didn’t  care too much. Yankees VS The Mets, this game was going to be good.Randy snuck away to get some beer, and came back with a huge bag of popcorn, there was no way we were going to finish the whole thing. Sooooo, that’s when the popcorn fight began. Oh, but it started out nice, one popcorn thrown nicely when the other wasn’t looking, and one of us..cough cough… ended up with the whole bag thrown on her head! Thanks!

love, m


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