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Pajon at The Ear Inn

It was on the list, bike ride with Randy. We’ve been talking about it since we went to go see The Peanuts Movie, see that post HERE. It was hot and sticky out, I was rethinking this notion as soon as I got out of the train station. The bikes were old school, and there were no breaks on the handle bars, something I’m not used to. If I wanted to stop, I would have to back pedal, how weird!

Since we were riding on the Hudson, we stuck to the bike lane at first, other cyclist’s kept rushing and swerving by Randy and I. My reflexes were the opposite of “on point”. I think there were a couple of hedges who wanted me to land on them. Randy and I were surprised at how many activities there were by Pier 25. Volleyball and even free canoeing.  Might have to do that next before  the season is over. After our stroll, Randy asks me ” You want a little bit of history?” I say yes, because how could you possibly say no to that. We ride to a bar on Spring Street, lock up the bikes and he points to two dock post cemented into the ground. Turns out, that’s where the pier used to be. I look back at where it’s now and it seems so far from the river!

We walk into the Ear Inn Bar, which he tells me is the first bar in NYC,all the way back to the year 1817,  how cool is that? Read about the history HERE.  I ordered the mac and cheese and a burger, delicious. I noticed they had shepards pie, and since I’be never had I was tempted to order it. If you’re going to have an old school dish, might as well have it an old school environment. I decided my next visit, I’ll pay homage to the pie, right now I wanted to devour that  burger.

We caught up and laughed, especially since he was calling me pajon the whole time!PS. Pajon is Dominican slang for having big bushy messed up hair
love, minxinx

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Pizza Zoo at Space Ibiza

After the last Pizza Zoo, I made it my mission to start attending more positive vibed events. This time around I invited Nicole to join me. We both needed a night out, and this was perfect. Naturally she arrived at the space first, especially because once I was already  by 96th Street, I realized I had forgotten my ID. All the rush of changing wallets makes you forget things. I was dedicated in not bringing a purse with me. I wanted to dance and anything extra I was carrying would have just been a burden. Best decision.The guys who originally created the Pizza Zoo event, must be ecstatic out of their minds on how big this phenomenon has become. Twitter and social media marketing is a wonderful tool when used correctly. When I arrived the line was a block long. The longest I’ve had to wait for one of their events. It’s all good though, once I got inside I was ready to bump in to Nikki. Since my battery was dying my snapchat got no love, but I think it was for the best. We got to experience everything the way it was supposed to be. The rooftop was nice and relaxing compared to how tight and packed it was on the main floor. The dancers by the DJ booth where dressed in a colorful thong with a glittered head piece in shape of a dinosaur. Let me tell you,  these girls could move. The whole time I was just thinking, “Damn, I want to move like that.”Nikki was surprised at how nice everyone was. Especially because every time someone goes clubbing or dancing, you have many that are nasty towards each other. If you bump into someone by mistake, step on someone’s shoe, or even the cattiness in the girl’s restroom, someone is ready to fight. That wasn’t the case here. Everyone is smiling and so inviting. You have to love that energy.

Things were so crazy, at one point you see some girl twerking on a guy dressed in a full T-rex costume, and next thing you know there’s a guy crowd surfing…in a wheelchair!

Well, thank you Pizza Zoo, for another eventful evening, you’ve also converted a new comer, Nikki into wanting to come to more of your events. Night!
love, minxinx

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Winds and a Registry, a Calm Labor Day

Mami kept insisting we cancel our plans for Labor Day. Originally we were going to Lake Welch, but with rumors and warnings about Hurricane Hermine, she insisted on us being safe. A beach is safer right?  I know, I know i’s not, but we wanted to do something, and since the winds were a little calmer we decided it was a go.

We woke up early and headed 45 minutes into Connecticut, we arrived at Sherwood Island State Park. I cannot exaggerate enough when I say, we had the ENTIRE beach to ourselves. I can only imagine how Coney Island or Orchard beach must be right now. We were isolated. This is the closest I’ll probably ever feel to having an island to myself. (You know, unless I win the lottery one day.)It was pretty chilly, especially since we were there so early. I was regretting not bringing a sweater with me, but someone decided to share with me, even though he was being a bit of a grouch. I laid the moon mats down,  and  got to relax. I covered myself up with the towel, and just closed my eyes. This weather would have been so perfect to just lay there with a book in hand. I opened my eyes for a quick second to see Kiki, Taimane, and Chris taking a well deserved nap as well. The only person awake was Jeremy, enjoying the view.Our lovely sun decided to make an appearance, and we all woke up when we felt the heat. Even though we weren’t planning on getting in the water ( and told Mami we wouldn’t, sorry ma!) We stripped own and jumped in. The water was pretty damn cold, I was shivering, but just like everything else in life, when you get used to it, it’s not that bad. Along with me came some floaties, the ones we used at The Blacklight Slide.The waves were perfect and kept pushing us around back and forth, and one point I was too caught up taking selfies and Kiki starts to scream out at me that I’m getting too far from shore. I didn’t even bother to test if my toes touched the bottom, I started  shuffling back the best that I could. Go me, for not panicking!Taimane looked cute with her little belly, just floating in the water, and the way that Kiki and T kept playing around with each other, I knew then that Harlie was going to be born with great parents. PS. I forgot to mention, the baby’s name will be Harlie Alexa, how pretty!)We left a little early and the parents to be had planned into going to Babies R’ Us to register for the baby shower. All the planning is coming into play and it was time to make a list of all the things that are needed for her arrival. Everyone wanted a chance at the scanning gun, and I was busy having baby fever, oohing and aahing all the cute tiny little things. Then I turned around to see Chris, this tall grown ass man, riding around the store in a little kid’s bike, like he was 6 years old, and realized…”Yeah, I’m over it!”
love, minxinx

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Jetskis and The Wharf 

Before Yenny’s arrival, I asked her what was the one thing she wanted to do once she arrived in New York. Without a pause, she enthusiastically  mentioned she wanted to do that thing where you’re feet are tied to a board and you fly through the sky above water.  I was like, “What!?, Oh, flyboardingI actually did this two years ago before it started getting as popular as its becoming now. I did my homework, and as much as I wanted to take her, given her crazy schedule being decided between family and boroughs, it just wasn’t going to happen.  We would have to drive all the way to Long Island for only 30 minutes up in the air. I suggested we rent some jetskis instead. Since Yenny is such a trooper, and honestly didn’t care what we did at all, as long as we were together (aww, how sweet!) jetskis it was. I figured, we could get the grand tour of Manhattan on the Hudson while one the skis. She would love that.The ride to Far Rockaway was a little longer than  I was expecting, and having the music blasting dembow kept us all excited. When we arrived we had to watch an instructional demo that I barely paid attention to. In my mind I wasn’t driving, and as long as you give you a life vest I’ll be okay. Ya know I can’t swim! I rented wetsuits, which we definitely did not need, and after waiting a short while for our instructor to come out and hop us on the machine I was ready to go, not not as excited as Christopher was. Oh my goodness, why did I let that man drive? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since he was a manic driving through 4 wheelers in The Dominican Republic and nearly scared me half to death. I guess he was trying to catch up to that other half today and murder me for real, because I kept screaming in his ear everytime he  revved up the ammunition and started hopping waves. Boys are crazy, please let that be known. Adrenaline junkies, all of them. Alexis looked like he was treating Yenny much nicer, at least from my point of view. I know she was pretty upset when the cap mami gave her as a present flew away from her and into the water. And with all those studs she had on there it sunk faster than The Titanic.I was starving, I think we were all ready for some grub. The beau looked up a bar and grill that had some good reviews. We walked into The Wharf, the view was pretty, my whisky and cranberry was even better. I got a surprised look from him when I ordered liquor instead of a beer like everybody else. I was just ready to eat, and I didn’t want to stuff myself up with beer. The coconut shrimp and barbecue ribs that were shared were just perfect.I think the only bad thing about this place was that we had to asked for the check three times. Nonetheless,I had a great time, plus, I’m still alive ain’t I?
love, minxinx

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Summer at Swim 2016: Action Bronson

Marc blessed us with some last minute tickets to go see the only Mr. Wonderful, Action Bronson at Coney Island. First time I saw him perform  was at Terminal 5, he threw someone off stage, and I was told that’s something pretty normal for him. What!? The show was dope, and this time I got to rap along with him, since now I knew all the words. When Baby Blue and Actin Crazy, I felt like I was in my own music video. Thanks again Marc!
love, minxinx

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Hello September

Hello September,

I’m so excited for your arrival. I’m not that one to get excited about pumpkin spiced lattes, but I do love the rustic colored leaves you shed. Things have been going pretty well. I received my first paycheck since I was given a raise and boy, did that feel good to cash in. The universe keeps throwing blessings my way, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I think the positive vibes I’ve been spilling out are helping.  You gotta throw it out there, to receive it back right?

September, I hope you spread your graces to those who are looking for it. I personally can’t wait to see what you have in store for me.

Many Thanks in advance,
love, m


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Mood Board: September 2016 Wants: Colorful Leathers

It’s my favorite time of the year, Autumn is approaching. I love the colorful leaves, the nice breeze and all the amount of layers I’ll get to wear. I think we can all agree that leather jackets are a must for fall, however for some reason, I’ve been in the mood to shy away from basic black. I gave myself one do-able, yet kinda difficult resolution this year.


After working at an old job were I had to wear black from head to toe every shift, I kind got sick of it. I know black is everyone’s classic go to color, but I want to kick it up a notch. I’ve been tempted, kind of obsessed with going ham on my credit card, and just buying leathers in all kind of colors. Look how cute that yellow one is, it’ll go perfect with the new shade of brown I’ve dyed my hair. An auburn I’ve struggling to get just right. This fall I’m ready to get into rustic neutral tones. with just a pop of color.

What are you guys excited for now that the chilly weather is getting here soon?

love, m

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Blacklight Slide

I’ve been meaning to write, but without the images I feel like I’m half-assing a post. I keep forgetting my memory card at my beau’s apartment, which means my posts have been a bit delayed. For now, since I managed to work on them a bit, I have few pictures, but bear with me, because there’s way more to share with you guys. And you guys know how much I like sharing.
My siblings and I were excited for The Black light slide, so excited we committed to  purchasing the tickets back in March! I didn’t even bother telling Chris I bought him a ticket as well until maybe like July. So now that he had it in his calendar, it was time to make moves.I decided to dress in all white, so when I’m splattered with paint I would glow a little brighter under the black light. Turns out my neon green socks did better that I expected. I was told to get there early, to avoid the long lines, and I’m pretty glad we did. We got some beers at the bar before we started, a little something to wake us up.The lines were a little annoying but the slide was everything. I bought some too tiny inflatable tubes, and it was funny seeing a grown ass woman with a baby floatie. Didn’t matter though, my butt fit perfectly and it did it’s job.

The slide had glow in the dark paint, so every time we got wet, it only meant we were going to illuminated more after. Once it was dark that’s when  the party began. The DJ was blasting top 100’s and we were dancing our wet, glowing butts off. Under the florescent lights we all looked amazing.

I took advantage of how bright even was looking, the colors were mesmerizing,  and  decided to just keep snapping away. Taimane and Christian’s new addition is going to have some cool ass parents.Tonight was wonderful. We danced, we slide, we glowed. Ps. Check out the illustration.